Art is a crime, it steals my mind

Art is like an arrow
Everything you draw / shape has power

Thomas Kahn

The art is always to break with it and not to be true to any style

I am a child of the 80s, born and raised in the GDR. After almost 10 years and the fall of the Berlin Wall, I got to know a lot of new things. The TV was suddenly colorful, the clocks were made of neon-colored plastic and there were brands. At the end of the 90s I learned a trade, I built houses and roads. Because it was the norm. Then I got curious about the digital, I saw what is possible with the computer. I became a graphic designer - from painting posters to sewing clothes to video animation, everything was part of my studies. I liked it, I felt like I had arrived. Over the years and all the digitization, I missed something. I miss the craft, the drawing, the dust and dirty hands. So I started going back to basics. I print my art with wood/linoleum boards instead of a printer, I paint with a brush instead of a mouse and I build with wood instead of a 3D printer. Every piece I create is therefore unique.

What i do


I paint pictures on canvas and do not stick to any style.
Just look

Textile print

I print textiles with my motifs. Everything is washable and has the best quality.
Just look

Wood / linocut

I carve everything into wood / linoleum that I see, imagine and inspire.

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Owning art is an expansion of the mind!


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